Visions of Nature Gallery: The Photography of Bill La Brie


Visions Of Nature Gallery was the website of the photography of Bill La Brie.
Content is from the site's 2000-2004 archived page.
The new owner of this domain wanted to kept as much content as possible from the site's archived pages to illustrate the fine art sensibility that La Brie offers with his work, as well as direct visitors to Bill La Brie's current website where they can purchase his amazing photographs.

Bill La Brie's current website with all his work can be found at:

Gallery Address: 784 D Main Street
Cambria, California 93428

Toll Free (888) 201-7555
Local (805) 927-0740



As a dedicated nature photographer I have been inspired by the works of masters like Ansel Adams and Elliot Porter

Capturing images of nature’s beauty and awesome power is my ultimate goal. Mother Nature the greatest artist of all is not always easy to put on film. When light, composition and time of day all come to together, I become fully engaged, and the magic of the moment consumes me. Sometimes for an image its being in the right place at the right time. At other times, that image takes careful planning and you return time and time again..

I hope that those who view my images will have the feeling of being there. Being able to walk into an image and feel like you are part of it is a great experience. We are at a point in time when we need the natural world to remind us of who we really are. Our planet is a very beautiful place and photographic images can enhance our awareness of that beauty.

I produce a yearly calendar featuring some of my favorite images. My images are published on book and magazine covers and were used in the set design of a major motion picture. My limited edition images are printed on archival Ilfochrome (formerly cibachrome) paper, Fuji Crystal Archive and Fuji Flex paper which produces the true color and sharpness of the original image. No artificial lighting or special effects are used in creating these images. These prints will last a lifetime, and create a feel of peace and beauty wherever you choose to display them.

Help preserve our natural world.

Bill La Brie

Ilfochrome Prints

Image Size

Matted Size

Unframed Prints

Framed Prints

11 x 14

16 x 20 Portrait
18 x 16 Landscape

Single Mat
Prints are not mounted

Double Matted
Wood Frame

16 x 20

23 x 27

Prints are not mounted


20 x 24

28 x 32



24 x 30

32 x 38.5



30 x 40

39 x 49






All prints are double matted with archival museum board (except where noted).


Mounting is on perfect mount acid-free board (except where noted).


Colored mats are $25 extra.


Prints can be shipped to any destination.

Ilfochrome prints are the highest quality color prints in the world.

Q. What is Ilfochrome?
A. Ilfochrome is the brand name recognized as the photographic industry leader for high quality color enlargements. It is manufactured is Switzerland by the Ilford Division of Ciba-Geigy, a corporation that is twice the size of Kodak.
Q. How is Ilfochrome better than any other photographic paper?
A. Ilfochrome leads the industry in:

Permanence - Ilfochrome prints are as permanent as fine oil paintings. Five times more color fast than other photographic papers. Even expensive dye-transfer prints fade considerably faster under normal light conditions.


Color - colors are the brightest and purest.


Contrast - prints display the deepest blacks and the brightest whites.


Resolution - prints are the sharpest and exhibit finer detail.

Because of Ilfochromes archival properties, major museums such as the Met, Smithsonian, and the M.O.M.A. use it to make long lasting copies of lithographs, silk screen prints, color and B&W photographs, and even paintings for the nations archives.
Ilfochrome prints account for less than 1% of the color photographs produced today. Since they so dramatically outlast the other color photographs, informed collectors realize that in only 30 years when nearly all color photographs from the 1980's will have faded, Ilfochrome prints will be extremely rare and still in the beginning of their lives. Lithographs and screen prints will not be nearly as rare.


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